Welcome to Meszaros International Center of Entrepreneurship (MICE)

MICE was founded in 2007 to provide instruction in ethical entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young people of diverse backgrounds.

The Objectives of MICE

We believe that young people have the greatest potential and opportunity to develop positive attitudes and business behaviors. Entrepreneurial skills can be easily translated to daily life. The training helps students develop effective work habits, personal management talents, and critical thinking skills: all the abilities that help an individual become a valuable asset to their community. We also believe that encouraging small business is essential to a successful economy, and that instilling integrity is a key component in educating our youth to become our future leaders.

MICE’s objectives are to provide talented students who have the aptitude and desire to be leaders with the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, realize personal and economic growth, develop high ethical standards, act in socially responsible ways, gain exposure to leadership roles, and act as agents of change.

MICE’s Ethical Entrepreneurship Program (ETP)

The ETP is a 20-week program that meets for three hours on Saturdays. Students are selected for the program based on completion of the MICE/ETP application and a entrance essay. The program’s instructional approach and course content are unique. Students are taught through a variety of approaches: lectures, readings, group projects, public speaking, guest speakers (including prominent local business people), professional teachers, videos, and an intensive business plan workshop. The entire program concludes with a formal business plan competition judged by business professionals, followed by formal graduation ceremonies.

Apply Now to ETP

Whether you plan to go on to college or directly into the workplace, the ETP has the potential to be one of the most important building blocks for your future. The relationships you build with your classmates and instructors may prove to be some of the strongest and longest lasting you will ever have. Our graduates agree that the ETP experience has been one of the most positive influences in their lives.

If you are a motivated high school student, ready to take action toward building the future you want for yourself, apply to the Entrepreneurship Training Program today!